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Hello there!

I’m Aaron, a BSc Economics student at the London School of Economics.

I took History at A-Levels and found it very fulfilling. Yet, resources on the subject were scarce and studying for it was a nightmare. So I made this website to make sure more people have access to quality revision resources — I hope you find it useful!

Need to contact me?

Email me at aaron@history9389.com

Some reasons why you might want to contact me:

  • If you have questions/need advice.
  • If you are a history tutor and want to advertise yourself here.
  • If you have created a resource for A Level students and want to be listed as a sister website here.
  • You are a student looking for a tutor / someone to mark your essays (I may not mark your essays myself, but I’ll pass you on to someone who can)
I may not reply immediately, especially right before an exam period. If I don’t reply, don’t be afraid to email me again!