Historiography: Subject Knowledge Cheat Sheet (Cold War)

Written by Aaron

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Hello peeps,

One component of the historiography paper is subject knowledge, or as CIE puts it rather dryly:

Recall, select and use historical knowledge appropriately, and communicate knowledge and understanding of History in a clear and effective manner

And, of course, CIE doesn’t provide a textbook (as of the date of this post), so you have to scavenge around for subject knowledge to throw into your essays.

…or you could just get everything here.

I’ve compiled pretty much every bit of applicable subject knowledge and put into a 3-page cheat sheet. I can’t think of anything else to add – it pretty thoroughly covers the entire syllabus + more than is necessary.

If I’ve forgotten something, email me and I’ll add it in.

Disclaimer: This is not a magic document that will solve all your problems. You still need to — you know — actually understand what on Earth the events in this sheet mean and get a feel of how to apply them in your essays. With that said, the sheet takes a seemingly unending task and breaks it down into a finite list of things you actually need to know.

Think of it as a list of things to study + a last minute way to go over key information. Simple and easy.

Download a printable PDF: Historiography Subject Knowledge Cheat 

Rough preview:

The last few bits of subject knowledge are too detailed/wide-reaching, so I decided against expanding on them. You will likely learn about these events in-depth in class. I may update this in the future to make it more detailed.